Monday, June 19, 2006


Welcome to Simple Wishes Quilts!

As if I needed another blog. Actually this blog is going to be similar to Stephanie's Warm Feet Project. Like Stephanie I am a woman with a mission. Of course I am the opposite. I don't knit, I quilt. I love to quilt!!! I also love the idea of sending families in the adoption community a tangible reminder that they are supported and loved.

Simple Wishes Quilts are going to be small quilted wall hangings. The idea is to get other adoptive parents (or anyone for that matter) to write small sayings on pieces of white or off-white fabric. They could be bible verses, favorite quotes, bits of advice, or anything positive. The squares will be sewn together to create a wall hanging. The finished quilts will then be sent to an expectant adopting family. It will be a reminder that there are people all over this country (and world) thinking about them and praying for them during their adoption process and as they become Forever Families.

I invite all of you to send me 6" squares of white or off-white fabric with your favorite sayings written on them. I ask that you please use a permanent ink pen. Please include your name on your square.

When I have enough squares (approximately 9-15) I will start work on the first quilt. As I finish the quilts I will ask that you, the readers and adoption community, to nominate a family to receive such a quilt.

To Nominate Someone:
Nominees don't have to be bloggers. The adoption community is larger than the blog-o-sphere. Imagine that! Nominees must be pre-adoptive parents (PAP's.) Single or married. Second, third, fourth adoptions welcome too! Any country, US or international. Send me their name, blog address (if applicable), email address, their story and why you think they should be nominated for a Simple Wishes Quilt.

How to Help:
You don't have to be a quilter to help out. You don't even have to buy the fabric (although I am not rich so if you could I would appreciate it.) All you have to do is cut a piece of white or off-white fabric into a 6" square and write something on it. You could even send multiple squares with the same saying! If you would like to send me squares please email me for my address. If you cannot afford to purchase fabric to send please email me and let me know that you would like to participate. We will find a way to make your simple wishes included. I want everyone to participate!

Any fine print?
Not really. If you receive one of the Simple Wishes Quilts I ask that you please send me a square or two once you become a Forever Family. That way you can send your love and support to the next family to come. A kind of Pay-it-Forward if you will.